The Friend of the Battleship North Carolina Board of Directors



Through the various activities managed by the Board of Directors, we hope to attract more visitors to the ship, increase the number of Friends memberships, and encourage community participation.

All Friends members are eligible to apply to be members of the Board of Directors. The Board needs expertise in areas such as finance, membership recruitment, nominating, marketing/publicity, naval heritage, tourism, and education.

Board Members are expected to:

  • Join the Friends at a level of their choosing
  • Attend meetings with regularity
  • Promote, attend and assist with Battleship functions
  • Promote the Friends by spreading the word about membership and events
  • Provide sound advice in their fields of expertise
  • Suggest ideas for, encourage, assist, or develop one major annual fund raising event

If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, please email or call 910-399-9117. 

The Friends Board of Directors

Michael Zalob ...Chairman

John Whitley ... Vice Chairman

Don Loftin ...Treasurer

Jeff Mixon ... Secretary

Ronald Henderson ... At Large

Frank Glossl ... Past Chair

Bruce Tingle ... Board Member

Gordon Hume ... Board Member

Giacalone  Nancie ... Board Member

Jeffrey Morgan ... Board Member

Geoff Kirby ... Board Member

Pat Cummings ... Board Member

Tom Finley ... Board Member

Bob Rossi ... Board Member

Jeff Mixon  ... Board Member

Roger Weigold ... Board Member