.The Table Team of volunteers has been restoring the mess deck tables and benches. Team Leader Wally Brooks explains that the "first table was a challenge. It took more time than anyone cares to admit figuring out a process and deciding the best tools to use. After a couple of weeks, the first table was returned to its place in the mess hall, and the team spent the next week admiring their work.

Then the Table Team honed their skills and improved the process. They are now able to produce one restored table each week. To date, they have restored a dozen tables, with a few more to follow."

Check out the mess deck tables the next time you visit BB55!

Note: These photos were taken prior to to the COVID-19 stay at home order 


Battleship North Carolina Firsts


This list was drafted for the Navy's Department of Public Information in 1945 to highlight many of the ways the NORTH CAROLINA was at the head of the class, including

* First of the new battleships to transit the Panama Canal

* First new battleship to arrive in the Pacific War Area

* First battleship to take part in an enemy air attack on the high seas (Battle of the Eastern Solomons)


A Public Service Announcement on Covid-19


Our local law enforcement community came together on the SECU Memorial Walkway here at the Battleship to talk about what you can do and what they are doing to keep you safe in these difficult times. 

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/gN0-BOu6-g8


Teak Deck Maintenance


Keeping our teak deck looking good is an on going maintenance project. Here our teak deck technician Gary is working on re caulking seams and doing water mitigation beneath the teak deck. This is an on going effort to keep the deck looking like new.