July 4th 2019

Important Information

Dear Friends of the Battleship North Carolina,

July 4th is almost upon us, and we have been hard at work to make this year’s celebration a wonderful experience for all of you.  Hurricane Florence did a tremendous amount of damage to the visitor’s center, necessitating major repairs to the building.  The Battleship North Carolina leadership decided to use this opportunity to update the museum and visitor sections of the building.  This will improve the flow of visitors to the ship, allow for new historical displays for visitors to see, and give the Friends of the Battleship a space to sell memberships, tours and answer questions about the Friends of the Battleship.  As you can imagine, the Fourth of July Fireworks are a big draw for the Friends to gain new members, and having a dedicated space to help answer questions and process memberships in person will be a big help to both members and Battleship staff.  Once the space is open and fully staffed, we will publish the dates and times Friends staff will be at the desk, as well as provide you a dedicated telephone number to that desk.

Another way we hope to improve the Fourth of July ticketing process for existing members is to change the ticketing process this year.  We are using a website called TicketLeap to issue tickets this year.  We will send tickets to members via the e-mail address we have on file for you.  As in previous years, the number of tickets you are entitled to depends on your membership level.  The levels and number of tickets are as follows:

Chief (members age 16 and under) – 1 ticket

Lieutenant JG – 2 tickets

Lieutenant – 2 tickets

Lieutenant Commander – 4 tickets

Commander – 8 tickets

Captain – 8 Tickets

Commodore – 8 tickets

When you receive your invitation via e-mail, you can register for UP TO your ticket limit.  For example, if you are a Lieutenant Commander level member but will only have three people attending, you may RSVP for only three tickets.  You may print the tickets yourself or bring a digital copy of the tickets on your phone or other device for us to process on July 4th.  YOUR TICKETS WILL SERVE AS YOUR PARKING PASS.  We will not be issuing separate parking passes this year.

This year the Fire Marshal has reviewed the safety procedures for the Fourth of July with the Battleship staff and has determined only 944 people can be on the ship at any given time.  While this limits how many people can be on the ship watching the fireworks, Captain Bragg has agreed to open the SECU Memorial Walkway for seating for the Fourth of July.  As always, Battleship Park adjacent to the Battleship North Carolina also will be open for seating.

This means that seating on the Battleship will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you want to sit on the Battleship during the fireworks, please come early. We will open the parking lot up at 6:00 PM.   We expect attendance to be high and we will be counting heads as people come aboard the ship.  The Fire Marshal will be at the ship on the Fourth of July to verify we are in compliance with the new standards.  The ship, the walkway and the park are ALL excellent places to see the fireworks, so no one will be deprived of a fantastic experience on the Fourth of July.  We will have additional bathrooms on-site and are hoping to have at least one vendor selling food in the event attendees would prefer not to bring their own food.

While the ticketing and seating options are a bit different this year, most of the Fourth of July experience will be similar to years past.  Attendees will be allowed to picnic on the main deck of the Battleship North Carolina, as well as on the walkway and in Battleship Park.  You are permitted to bring alcohol, but please use non-breakable containers for food and drinks.  Guests may bring portable chairs, blankets and towels for seating.  Grills are allowed in Battleship Park, but not on the ship or walkway.  Bug spray and sunscreen are recommended.  Per North Carolina state regulations, the Battleship is not permitted to provide wheelchairs to guests; please bring wheelchairs, walkers or other appropriate walking aides for family members who may need them.  The SECU Memorial Walkway is handicap accessible. 

We are excited to provide you another fantastic experience this Independence Day! Please contact us with questions or concerns and let us know how we can improve on what we do for you.

 “Expect heavy traffic when leaving the Battleship” and “Please consider carpooling.”  

For more information please contact us at 

Email – info@battleshipncfriends.com

Phone – 910-399-3117